Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Work alongside Coach Sarah to regain control of your life and your body as part of Nourish & Lift’s health and lifestyle coaching program.

Health coaching is unlike traditional client:patient relationships. A coach doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, a coach:client relationship is more of a partnership. A coach acts as a guide, to help you convert your lifestyle dreams into realistic and achievable goals; we provide you with the knowledge, confidence and support; it’s up to YOU to do the work.

Here, at Nourish & Lift, we offer an 8 Week Health and Lifestyle Coaching package that is tailored to your specific health goals and will include, but is not limited too:

  1. SMART goal setting
  2. Guidance towards healthy habit formation
  3. Accountability strategies
  4. Tips on how to nourish your body at meal time, guilt free!
  5. Understanding how to reduce hunger and boost energy levels through hormonal control
  6. Guidance towards creating your very own unique and sustainable lifestyle around your schedule.

Our program is not about rapid weight loss – it’s about creating an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle, through healthy habit formation and real lifestyle change.

Learn to love you and invest in yourself today!

Personalised Health & Fitness Coaching for Women