Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach

Sarah with her children Owen and Ruby (Photo taken, December, 2018)

Hi, I’m Sarah, the founder and head coach at Nourish & Lift.

As a mum to Ruby and Owen, a wife to Richard and a business owner, I understand that time is precious, I get it.

I’m not an elite athlete and I don’t train everyday.

I do, however, love being active and I enjoy learning new things and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Fitness is my happy place; it’s a time for me to simply be me.

And food is a HUGE part of my life, it brings me so much joy! Lol!

I strive to lead my happiest life and I want to help you do so too.

I wasn’t always a coach and I didn’t always live the healthiest lifestyle. In a previous life I was a post doc at the University of Cambridge, UK, working ridiculously long hours without any work:life balance. My research was my life – until I went on maternity leave in 2014.

It wasn’t until I stepped away from the lab and the pressure that comes with being a grant-funded researcher, that I realised that I wasn’t missing my job.

This time away, whilst on maternity leave, allowed me to reflect on what was important to me – my family, my health and my fitness – and I made it my goal to create my very own version of my healthiest, happiest life possible.

By changing my priorities I found myself evolving. Mindset is everything.

This change within myself was noticed by others – my work colleagues and my mummy friends. I soon found other women asking for my “secret”.

I hadn’t simply changed my diet or started a new fitness routine. It was so much MORE than that. I had completely overhauled my life – and I had created a new lifestyle that I LOVED.

I found so much pleasure preparing and enjoying meals made from real wholefoods. My body was thriving on the nutrients and my energy levels were at an all time high.

I had also swapped my cardio heavy aerobic workouts with CrossFit training, which included lots of strength and gymnastics movements, and I was amazed at how my body was feeling and looking. I couldn’t believe that I could feel so good and learn new skills like handstand push ups and strict un-assisted pull ups as a mama in my 30s.

One of the biggest changes I had made was to let go of any guilt. Guilt that we all feel. About eating chocolate, or avoiding a workout. Learning to let go and to own every decision I made completely changed the way I viewed myself and had a huge impact on my mindset.

I wanted to be able to share my “secrets” to my new-found lifestyle with other women. I wanted other women, like me, to understand that it is possible to create a lifestyle that you love, and to feel good about yourself and your body, without feeling hungry or overtraining.

And so Nourish & Lift was born.

I don’t claim to have all the answers – I simply want to share what I’ve learnt with other women who feel, very much like I did – overwhelmed, overworked, time-poor and unhappy in their own skin.

I want to help you declutter your life, I want to help you enjoy your fitness and I want to show you that it’s possible to eat your favourite foods guilt free!

This is my story towards health and happiness.

Reclaim control of your life and body and start your very own journey towards health and happiness today!

Whether you’re interested in personal training, lifestyle coaching or small group fitness training, give me a call 0436477613 or email today!