Welcome to Nourish & Lift

Nourish & Lift is a space for women to gain control of their lives and their bodies.

It was was created by me, Sarah, in 2017 as a place for women to feel safe and comfortable within their own skin.

A lot of ladies (and I was like this myself) have the very best intentions, but feel completely lost and overwhelmed by the contradictory information that can be found in the “health, wellness and fitness” space online.

When it comes to nutrition you may have heard of the terms “keto” “paleo” and “intermittent fasting”, but feel a little unsure as to how they will work into your current lifestyle.

And then we come to fitness and this arouses even more confusion! How often should I train? Weights or cardio – what’s better for burning fat?

This is where Nourish & Lift can help you!

What if I told you that with a little guidance, you could be living the life that you love and feel comfortable in your own skin, enjoy nourishing food and actually look forward to working out?

Here at Nourish & Lift we offer health and lifestyle coaching, personal training and small group fitness training for women.

Start you health journey now and arrange your free initial consult today!