Are you ready?!

February 11, 2017
I’m ready to take control of my health, are you? It all begins today!
Day 1: 21 Day Total Body Transformation
Having healthy food in your home is key to eating well and making the right food choices.
Here are 3 tips to help you stay in control of your food prep.
1. Have a stash of frozen vegetables in your freezer for those times when you’re fridge is empty and you haven’t had time to go shopping.
2. Buy and freeze your meat, poultry and seafood and thaw as you need. This has been a huge time saver in our household, and can definitely help you avoid the temptation of an unhealthier food choice.
3. Always have a stash of raw nuts to snack on. Macadamias are the most nutritious, but all nuts (beside peanuts which aren’t actually nuts at all) are a great source of healthy fat. Buying your nuts in bulk will save you money. Why not head to Costco or buy in bulk online.
Good luck with Day 1 of your health challenge. Please post your progress to the 21 Day Body Transformation Event so your fellow Nourish and Lifters can see what you’re up to!
Sarah Appleby
Sarah has a PhD in cell biology and is a certified Primal Health Coach. She has attained her CrossFit Level 1 and lives what she teaches. The concepts behind Nourish & Lift are based on scientifically sound principles. Nourish & Lift’s philosophy is about making sustainable lifestyle changes. You’re not alone, let’s do this together.

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